Your gut instinct tells you that poor communication is preventing your business from growing the way it should.

Let’s prove you right.

A business with 100 employees spends an average downtime of 17 hours a week clarifying communication which translates to an annual cost of over INR 3 crores.

We can help you grow individual, team and organisational capability
through effective communication.



Mitigate communication-based risks for the individual, team and organisation



Grow the next line of leaders. Refresh or upgrade managerial skills



Familiarise in-house trainers with new concepts and methodologies



A role-rank competency matrix customised to your company’s needs


  • “Bhinoy is a fantastic person to work with and it's been a real pleasure working together with him to overcome some customer-facing training challenges we faced at Hexagon. Bhinoy is a very passionate trainer who takes a lot of pride in his work. His involvement is deep and obvious to the team and he is highly motivated to deliver results. My team was effusive about the program.”
    Prashant Shringarpure
    CEO, Hexagon Search
  • “Working with TLC has been a learning experience not just for the trainees but for all of those involved. The team gave their best and put their hearts into 'Project Shalabh', meant for 3 visually impaired hires of BMC software. After an initial discussion about goals, the project was led by Team TLC. They met all the project goals. We have noticed a remarkable difference in the level of confidence and soft skills among these three girls.”
    Richa Singh
    CSR Executive, BMC
  • “Team TLC brings a lot of interest and enthusiasm to their work as trainers. They are amongst the few who actually like what they do. The impact of the training on our team has been positive and we're expanding our engagement with TLC to help more people in our team communicate more effectively and with greater confidence.”
    Tarun Malaviya
    CEO, Mithi Software
  • “Sincere, prompt, highly receptive and energetic are just some of the words that come to mind when I deal with this professional close knitted team. They have pleasantly surprised us with their focused workshops. Their passionate engagement has helped our participants overcome self-made barriers in communication. ”
    Yesh Verma
    HR Business Partner, BMC
  • “Team TLC has conducted a number of sessions for Clarice focused on written (email) communication skills. They took the effort to understand our requirements and then tailored the program to increase the impact. Instead of focusing on presentation or reading material, they conducted exercises that gave participants a feel of the actual stuff. ”
    Ashish Paranjape
    Sr. Director & Head HR, Globant Software