One of the biggest challenges faced by every entrepreneur, business owner and global brand is communication.

Statistics show that over 56% of all projects that depend on effective communication are actually at risk because of poor communication. Not only does poor communication result in loss of business and many missed opportunities, but it also casts an unfavourable impression of the organisation among the people that matter most – customers.

Within the organisation, poor communication results in a lack of alignment between leadership and workforce, between managers and teams, and within teams. Business plans remain paper dreams because of a lack of organisation-wide clarity about agenda and objectives. Even motivated and engaged employees find it difficult to stay in step with the company.

Clear and coherent communication is, without a doubt, the most under-appreciated tool in any organisation’s arsenal.

If this story mirrors your own, and you would like to rewrite the ending, TLC can help.

our promise

TLC is a Pune-based independent consulting firm that helps companies build individual, team and organisational capability through effective communication. We are empathetic, active listeners who approach each new project as an opportunity to make a difference. Everything we do is measurable and transparent.

We are not vendors. When we work with you, we become a partner. We have regular meetings with you, report on progress, and do our part to help you achieve your capability agenda.

A note from our Co-founder & Principal Trainer...

Bhinoy Japher

Founder & Principal

I looked around for a quote for this section, and I did find many from the regular favourites like Mark Twain, Swami Vivekananda, Oscar Wild etc; but somehow there were none that seemed to be a perfect fit. I realized this might be because I was not adhering to one of TLC’s most ardent philosophies: “Find your own voice!”.

I have been a software engineer for seventeen years and found my passion also in travel, dancing and fitness. These experiences have been instrumental in honing my observation skills. I have faltered, dusted back and returned to the game all over again, but learning has always been constant. TLC has been evolving from the day of its inception. The last five years have especially been gratifying with respect to teaching methods, tools, contents, sales and creating the brand that TLC is.

Team TLC strives towards building a versatile yet strong foundation for a collective and sustainable growth. We all believe that empathy is a virtue that can bring out the best in an individual, be it product development or interpersonal skills. Challenges have been several; the Covid 19 outbreak in the year 2020 for example, has been a serious impediment, but the team viewed it in the scope of an opportunity instead. Unique tools, unheard in the market until then were designed and innovated amid testing times as such. Here is to team TLC and a loyal client base! To exciting times ahead!

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