TLC is your capability building partner.

We apply our expertise in language and communication skill development, need-based training and role-rank competency benchmarking within your company, to help you build individual, team and organisational capability.


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Building language and communication capability within an organisation has two clear outcomes:

It allows organisations ensure every employee is the right fit for the role they are fulfilling and that they are engaged, confident, productive members of the team. Organisations can communicate their agenda and goals more effectively to employees leading to a cascading effect on productivity and motivation.

It allows employees to be self-sufficient in their roles. It ensures that individuals within teams communicate more effectively with each other, with the larger organisation and with customers. It helps employees become more self-aware and attuned to their potential so they can adapt, understand and align with a new worldview.


Effective need based training almost always results in increased productivity. TLC has a range of programs, all focused on building individual capability, growing the next line of leaders and easing the transition of fresh college graduates into a corporate environment. Our programs are tailored to the unique needs of each participant or group and use a host of engaging methodologies to deliver results.

Our development methodologies include project management hacks and tools, six thinking hats, one minute manager and lean manager. Our skill development programs include training for cross-cultural sensitivity, presentation skills, time-management, delegation, informed decision making, assertive communication, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, neutrality and POV.


Classroom learning
Analytical & role-playing games


Manager Development
Skill Development
Design Thinking


Classroom learning
Analytical & role-playing games


Through our Train the Trainer programs we work with in-house trainers to give their teaching technique an edge that not only enhances the effectiveness of the training but also increases the training transfer rate.

We work with employees assigned to a training role to develop their own personal style and pace of instruction, structured curriculum and content. We teach them proven techniques that involve and engage participants and allow them to measure their own effectiveness.

We work with subject matter experts and soft skills trainers to move from static presentation slides and a one-way interaction to an engaging experience that includes the latest gamification techniques, role play and activity based learning.


Role-rank competency mapping is a process that helps organisations measure and assess individual and group performance as it relates to the expectations of an organisation or its customers. It helps leaders and managers understand the strengths and weaknesses of individuals on their teams, establishes standards of performance, motivates employees to reach these standards and grow professionally.

Using our proprietary tools and processes we will help you develop a benchmarking matrix built around the unique needs of your organisation to help you create a standardised method of evaluating role-rank competencies.


White Label Solution with customised measurement parameters and a Score Card

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