Prevention is better than cure
April 16, 2021
Prevention is better than cure

This monster of a pandemic situation might be a good reference point for us to understand what they say about prevention and cure. Now, what about this situation? The current pandemic, the health crisis, and the confusion surrounding the cause. While the whole world is struggling to find a plausible cure, a breakthrough from the trap of this deadly virus, we, the commoners are just trying to keep up with a good immune system.

Let us take vitamins and antibodies for example. So, when this foreign disease spread like wildfire across the globe, the only point of savior we had was that it is less likely to affect the healthier lot. Thus began the hogging of vitamins, minerals, and all things healthy. Interestingly, people developed this notion that vitamins could pull them out from a building that is already on fire. This is where we take the terms “preventive” and “remedial” into consideration.

The explanation is in the definition. Preventive measures are what one would do or the steps one would take in order to prevent a disaster or mishap from taking place while Remedial is more concerned with fixing an already occurred mishap. So, while providing your body with vitamins might be preventive, cases, where you have to put antibodies to it, is remedial.

Continuing on this similar line of thought, training, in the corporate world is mostly considered as an act of remedy. A process that we seek to introduce only when there is an apparent problem in the functioning of the organization. Training is majorly reserved for troubleshooting. While this is a popular approach to training, big companies over the last few years have shown a significant shift in their attitude towards the amount of importance it has been pre assigning to training and training calendars. There has been an evident understanding of how a clear line of work must be established for a successful performance of individual employees, teams and companies at large.